Commercial interior design

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Elevating human potential and wellbeing through innovative, strategically considered interior design.

We offer holistic design and project-related services that enrich the everyday experiences of people, teams and communities.


With intelligently designed space, we achieve great things

The spaces we inhabit play a vital role in expanding our ability to think, to innovate, to connect with others, to prosper in business.

Central to excellence in commercial interior design is an understanding of people—how we work, use, adapt and move through spaces so that we’re living our best life.

The impacts of interior design on human wellbeing are well-documented and manifold. What affects an individual’s capacity to be at their best bears upon the collective whole of any organisation or community.

At MKDC, we invest greatly in knowing you as our client and in understanding the needs of your people.

We create spaces for organisations who understand the impact that optimal wellbeing has on individuals, teams and communities—and who see the immense rewards that strategically considered, high-quality interiors bring.

Inspired by challenge.

Since 1992, MKDC have been at the forefront of interior design and project leadership in Perth.

Established by Kath Kusinski and Melanie Marshall, the doors of Marshall Kusinski Design Consultants opened out of a small attic in Subiaco.

Our promise is to deliver superior quality commercial interiors at the best possible value within your timeline and financial parameters.

We’re highly skilled in engaging at both operational and strategic levels and derive great satisfaction from achieving the most challenging of design objectives.

Over the years we’ve amassed a respectable stack of experience across industry sectors including aged care, corporate, education, lifestyle and community care.

What this depth of expertise brings to your experience with us is less time investment from you, more peace of mind, authentic partnership and, importantly, enjoyment.

  MKDC have pioneered a

much needed redefinition

of the living environments

in the aged care and

retirement sector.

Adam Roebuck

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