Our People

Collaborative design is at the heart of everything we do.

“We believe that human-centred design has a powerful and long-lasting effect on the wellbeing of every individual, team and community.”

Introducing the MKDC team.

We’re an articulate, vibrant and well-organised collective who work hard to achieve your vision.

The thrill of conquering a design challenge is common to all of us but not just for design’s sake: we seek the thrill because of the profoundly positive ways it can change people’s lives.



Design Director | Founding Partner

Kath co-founded MKDC in 1992 with the determination and vision to create a commercial interior design firm with a difference.

As the Design Director and visionary for large scale undertakings, Kath oversees the strategic direction, corporate governance and financial management of each project.

Outside of the vibrant and challenging interior design world, Kath loves to immerse in culture and nature through travel, always seeking to learn more about people and how they experience their own unique environments.



Contract Administration Director | Founding Partner

Melanie established MKDC almost 30 years ago alongside co-founder and college confrere, Kath Kusinski.

Working across both project design and delivery, Mel works closely with the client representative and project consultant teams to facilitate the logistics of a project. This entails co-ordination of services, programming, cost and quality control. She is highly accomplished at managing the infinite details that the contract administration role demands with astute negotiation savvy, respect and diplomacy.

Spurred by complex design challenges, Melanie brings a unique skillset to the commercial interior design sphere in Perth.



Associate Director | Communications + Innovation

As Associate Director, Jacqui brings comprehensive experience in leading and implementing research, concept design and project strategy.

Jacqui’s dynamic approach combines strong analytical and creative thinking to impart insights around adaptation of existing spaces, particularly in the aged care, education and workplace sectors. As client advocate, she’s a dynamic and intuitive leader who swiftly responds to the demands of projects.

Working closely with MKDC clients and their executive teams from the outset, Jacqui attains a thorough understanding of the organisational vision. She formulates client engagement plans so that the complex nuances of large-scale projects are strategically and successfully integrated to reflect their overarching objectives.



Dip. Interior Design

Senior Associate | Interior Designer



BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Senior Associate | Interior Designer



BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Senior Associate | Interior Designer



BA Architecture

Project Leader | Interior Designer



BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Project Leader



Advanced Diploma Interior Design & Decoration

Senior Interior Designer



MA Interior Architecture

Senior Interior Designer



BA. Environmental Development + Masters in Architecture

Senior Associate | Architect | Documentation Manager



BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Graduate Interior Designer



(BA (Hons) Interior Architecture)

Interior Designer




Architectural Draftsperson



Executive Assistant | Business Development



Project Accounts Administrator

We envision a future where every business values the impact that interior design has on its people.

MKDC is more than a workplace—it’s a creative community. Our people, alongside yours, collaborate to create design narratives that give rise to superior-quality outcomes and withstand the test of time.

As an ambitious team, we thrive on solving complex spatial and design problems in an approachable, supportive manner. We’re respectful, astute listeners who truly take the time to walk in your shoes, ensuring every detail of your design project is thoughtfully considered.

We don’t just say, we do

Uncompromising on our promise to client satisfaction, we deliver a consistently exceptional experience through diligence, attentiveness and design expertise.

Our capacity to listen, interpret and accomplish a design brief is second to none—we’re natural connectors and able to engage everyone involved which elicits exceptional outcomes

People first, always

We place the highest priority on people, be it how we go about designing spaces, collaborate with clients or work collectively as a team.

We actively pursue a culture of empowerment where designers are engaged and mentored across all stages of design and contract administration. As a result, every one of our employees develop skills, experience and understanding of the delivery process, which really sets them apart and supports our agile and dynamic design ethos.

The ensuing loyalty has far-reaching effects in the way we’re able to cultivate mutually valuable relationships with our clients who return and recommend us repeatedly.

Driving innovation through evidence based design