Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Through careful and considered collaboration with Parkerville and WA Police, MKDC were able to develop a bespoke design methodology for the new Child Advocacy Centre in Armadale.

A welcoming and functional environment greets clients with gentle curves present in the reception area. The main reception piece, a modular curved sofa, emulates gathering around a campfire; while the curved reception desk adds to the softness of the interior. The calm and residential feel of the environment does not take away from the durability – with commercially robust materials shaping the spaces.

Overall, the base colour palette can be considered neutral – which prevents sensory overload, and allows the wall and film graphics to become a focal point. Created by Darren Hutchens in close collaboration with MKDC and Parkerville, the colourful murals aim to empower the individual by encouraging them to engage with the visual elements throughout the space, without being too overwhelming.

Line of sight using glazing where appropriate also provides support, safety and security for both staff and clients. A consistent aesthetic with timber elements to ground the palette gives a sense of strength, stability and homeliness.

It is through using these visual and spatial cues that we are able support the staff at Parkerville to assist the individuals and families that seek or need their services.