Lotterywest Workplace Strategy & Pilot Agile Fitout

MKDC worked with Lotterywest to develop their workplace strategy and change management plan required for this Pilot agile fitout, on the Ground floor of their existing tenancy in Subiaco. The planning approach embraces a flexible ABW working strategy recognising 3 key zones of identified working activity – Process spaces, Focus spaces and Collaboration spaces.

It siezes an opportunity to create a new, exciting and flexible workplace that will support its people in the future by adapting to rapid change, whilst also elevating the Lotterywest brand by allowing more connection with the greater community.

On completion of this project, MKDC conducted a Post Occupancy survey to provide the organisation with valuable feedback from staff experiences. By asking staff to test and own their new workplace strategy, it will provide greater confidence for future investments on other floors of their tenancy.

“Working here now feels like I’ve quit my day job and have become a trusted consultant. It’s exciting visiting with old friends and experiencing this new world. We’ve been spoilt with such a wide range of ways to work and can’t wait to try them all out.”

Post occupancy surveys are an important part of our process and provide great insight into what makes a workplace design successful. Read more about this sounds like in our recent Insights Article.