MKDC Interior Design. You’ve never seen anything like this before!

Published March 18th, 2020

An experience that has had Talkback Radio customers stunned; MKDC have recently completed the new licencing centre for DoT Success, and it’s been noticed!

With its new, modern, fresh fit out incorporating ergonomically designed seating customers really do receive first class service. Every corner of the centre has been meticulously designed to quickly handle customer ensuring an (even more) enjoyable experience, and the results are in: The planning efficiencies and interior design scheme implemented by the MKDC design team in combination with clients digital and organisational transformation and vision has had a huge positive impact, not just for the customers’ but across the whole business.

With slashed waiting times and a positive experience for all in this new environment, the centre has seen a total re engagement with the Department of Transport. What a Success!

‘’So clean, well designed and modern was the facility, that it could be confused for a major banking or insurance firm’’ – DVS General Manager Steve Mitchinson & Team

Dept of Transport slash waiting times at new Service Centers.

Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) Centers are undergoing colossal changes, much to the satisfaction of the WA public. Previously famed for extended waiting times, DVS General Manager Steve Mitchinson and his team have overseen a total re-imagination of how customers engage with the Department of Transport [6]. Talk back radio airwaves have been awash with stunned customers, all praising the enjoyable experience. The MTA WA investigated first-hand what was driving these efficiencies by visiting the DoT Service Center in Success.

From the moment that customers venture through the automatic doors, it will be immediately apparent that the new Center is like no other Government Department that they will have ever seen. So clean, well designed and modern was the facility, that it could be confused for a major banking or insurance firm.

Customers will immediately be greeted by the courteous DVS staff, who quickly determine their needs and direct them to the right area of service. There’s a sense of purpose and flow to every part of the centre.

Catering for needs ranging from computer testing to complicated and sensitive transactions – every part of the center is purpose-built to quickly handle customer requests, having been heavily influenced by staff and customer feedback.

Self-service counters showcase the vast range of online transaction services available on the DoT website, generously sized counters provide ample space to complete forms with ease, ergonomically designed seating areas give customers a sense of comfort for their (usually short) wait and the layout means that there’s no longer a ‘cluster’ of customers in any one area. Wi-Fi, LED information screens and driving assessors equipped with mobile tablets all add to the digital experience.

The real logic is in the revision of processes. With a 40% reduction in the number of forms that a customer completes before interacting with the DoT, the workflow efficiencies have positively impacted driver assessments, payment processes, medical assessments, applications for changes and transactions. Initiatives such as dedicated cash and EFT transaction counters mean that the centre can operate for longer too, due to the reduced administration inputs.

Saturday driving assessments at the Kelmscott DVS provide the opportunity to complete testing without the need to take a day off school, university or work. It’s progressive thinking and service offerings such as this that has given the new Service Centers an enviable reputation; one that is likely to be followed by both public and private sector organisations. Feedback Kiosks allow immediate feedback to be passed on to the DoT and Center Managers and are acted upon, proving that positive change is an ongoing theme.

Members are likely to see these changes at their nearest DoT very soon, with the process initiatives already rolled out. Be sure to pay a visit and leave feedback on your experience.

The Success DoT Service Center is located at Suite 3, 660 Beeliar Dr, Success WA 6164.


This article was written by Jacqui Williams of MKDC and published by Business News